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My Love-Hate Relationship with My Computer

If it were not for the invention of the Spell Checker, I would be asking, “do you want fries with that?” instead of building my own writing services business. I am grateful for technology on a daily basis.

However, I am finding it disturbing how little I can do without my computer – and a connection to the internet, these days. If I want to edit something, I have to print it first. If I’m lucky, I saved it to my hard drive, otherwise it is still in my e-mail. Much of my writing requires some research, so I’m on Google FREQUENTLY. About the lowest-tech thing I do is interview clients, and I use my phone to record those!

Are you asking yourself…

What’s my point?

Well, I think I’ve covered the “love” part of my love-hate relationship with my computer. I love my work, and I could not do my work without my computer.

However, I hate that my supposedly inanimate computer seems to have a personality that likes to have temper tantrums. Most recently, something compromised my ability to print. I’m fairly sure I know what that something is, but I’m sure my computer has been having fun at my expense.

Actually, I’m sure Dell is having fun at my expense. I think my warranty is about up, and they’re drooling in hopes of selling me a new computer. Alas, even though I’m a business owner, the cost of a new lap top is not one I’m taking on right now.

Yes, and?

The network may be down, but I'm feeling much better!
The network may be down, but I’m feeling much better!
Photo by L Nicoles 2014

I know, still waiting for a point.

Truth is, I’m not sure. I had this rant building up, and my cool tie exemplifies my life with my computer the past week or so, so here we are.

Computers: a mixed blessing. They suck up hours of our lives with trivia or by being difficult. Yet, they make communication so much easier. They’re key to society’s need to do three things at once and have them all completed yesterday. And almost my entire employment history has been dependent on the fact that I make them bend to my will.

Like I said, love-hate.


– Lorrie Nicoles

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