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Most of my writing is ghost writing – meaning I don’t own it, it belongs to my clients. This makes providing writing samples difficult.

I do have co-author credit for the article Rainwater Harvesting: Conserving Earth’s most precious resource in PondTrade Magazine. If you look around that site some, you’ll find another article with my fingerprints all over it.

This website is “Lorrie Unfiltered,” and, yes, I do know how to filter myself. This site is a giant writing sample. I explain what I do, how I do it, why I do it, and so forth.

Cover of "How to be a Writer without Writing a Book"I can tell you about books though.

Despite the fact that I do not introduce myself as an author, I have written a book. If you, or someone you know, are interested in making a career out of writing, check out How to Be a Writer Without writing a Book.

Additionally, I edit books.

Currently, I have credit for the Hire Me series by Bob Britz, as well as Moving to Mexico, Relocation as a Rite of Passage by Sydney Metrick.

"Hire Me! 28 Days to a New Job" edited by Lorrie NicolesCover of "Moving to Mexico, Relocation as a Rite of Passage"