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Writing with Chocolate

(NOTE: This title is not SEO friendly, heck the entire format of this blog is not SEO friendly. If you enjoy this installment of what’s going on in my brain, I hope you’ll share it with your friends.) I’ve got a monster list of blog topics and I’m ignoring all of them in favor of… Continue Reading

Emphasis on the Wrong Syllable, English is Weird or am I Just Saying it Wrong?

Have you ever looked at a word, pronounced it in your head, and then not know what everyone else is talking about? You are probably suffering from Emphasis on the Wrong Syllable syndrome (pronounced Em-Fā-Siss on the Wrong Sa-Lab-El). My best personal example is Appomattox. I walked into US History class one day and that… Continue Reading

Word Rant: Percent

Word Rant: Percent

Language evolves. Words change meaning – sometimes to the opposite of the original definition. I get this, sometimes I encourage it, sometimes I don’t. However, there are some incorrectly used words that evolution will never fix. Today’s rant is around the use of the word “percent.” Simply put, percent means “of 100.” It is another… Continue Reading