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Musings of a Writer without a Book … Yet

Musings of a Writer without a Book … Yet

Well, I’ve drafted enough of How to be a Writer without Writing a Book to get feedback. So out to the beta readers it is. Now I’m facing a whole new world of writer-hood: getting published.

Initially, my intention was to self-publish, and I still may. However, my writing coach has convinced me that the potential audience for this this is much larger than I’m likely to reach by self-publishing. That means that I may have to pitch this thing! <ack>

All these books and not one of them like mine?
All these books and not one of them like mine?

I’m not yet to the point of putting together a book proposal, but I do have a research assignment: find books that fall in the department of “like mine” and figure out how mine is different. While working on this assignment I’ve found TONS of books that focus on how to be a better writer – of anything – but nothing that actually talks about the types of writing out there that have nothing to do with books! I’m still looking …. I’m also about to ask other people to look for me – I’m too close.

Articles, yes, found plenty of them – and I used a few when I started to flush out what I wanted to include in How to be a Writer without Writing a Book. Articles, however, lack depth. Many of them lack personality. While people might accuse me of lacking depth, I have personality in abundance.

I know what makes my book different, I just don’t know what it is different from!

On a slightly different note, I got a suggestion from one of the many business coaches in my life. When I find these books that are like mine, find one I like by a bestselling author and ask them to write a forward for my book.

<ACK – choke, gurgle>

Talk about putting my butt on the line! I’m still getting used to the fact that my fit of sarcasm has some serious potential. Although, on that front, I’m doing well. That knot in my stomach is along the lines of Christmas morning when I know I’ve gotten perfect gifts for all my loved ones.

Then there’s the idea of doing an audio book. I think I’ll just keep my head in the sand on that one for now.

Back to the publishing thing. Publishers – and the horror stories about them – is one of the reasons I’m not an author. Well, no; publishers have nothing to do with why I’m not an author. But I certainly do not look forward to finding the right one and pitching.

Ah well, all in due course. I’ll keep you posted.

By the way, if you know of a book that lands in that “like mine” category, I’d love to hear about it!

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