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The Point of My Service Business

The Point of My Service Business

I recently heard someone say that if a business only provides a service, it doesn’t have any lasting impact. That one hit me hard. While not a secret, I don’t say this often: I’m terrified of ending up like Eleanor Rigby. I don’t expect to be in the history books (unless as a possible author credit), but I want people to remember me for longer than the life of a gnat.

Tora Writing is a business that allows people access to the contents of my brain. Scary? Sometimes, but there is some valuable stuff in there, as proven by the fact that I have repeat clients. True, when I quit offering the rental of my brain I quit making an immediate impact. That is very different from not making a lasting impact.


As of January 2016, I have co-author credit on one article. I intend to have many more – on many topics – before the end of my brain rental period.

As an editor, I’m starting to take on book projects and I know that I’ll wrangle public acknowledgement out of at least one author.

These will last longer than I will.

I believe those who believe that service businesses don’t have a lasting impact haven’t thought about it enough. If there were no need for the service, then there would be no business. And the number of services required before a product happens are without count. The service that answers the phone so that product development is not disturbed is no less important than the developed product. The acupuncturist that keeps the inventor’s energy flowing improves the quality of the invention.

And what about the service of an idea? Albert Einstein did not have a product, he didn’t even have a business, but don’t tell me that his ideas haven’t changed the world.

And no, I’m not comparing myself to Albert Einstein.

I love word clouds.

Since starting Tora Writing in 2013, I have been a happier person. Yes, I struggle with the balance of being a business owner and being a writer, and I worry about money; but that’s nothing compared to the mess I was before. (Long story, not really related.)

So, yes, my business has a definite point: it makes me happy. While that may not seem a big deal in the grand scheme of things, I disagree.

There is not enough happy in the world. However, happy tends to beget more happy. Ergo, my happiness makes the world a happier place! That, I believe, is the ultimate point.

So, to all those who offer a service, I say this: If you are happy, then you are making a lasting impact. REMEMBER THAT when things get rough around the edges, the money gets tight, or you just start to wonder, “What’s the point?”

-Lorrie Nicoles