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Diane Covington

Diane Covington

Independent Sales Director, Mary Kay

Diane has been with Mary Kay for over 35 years, and the last thing she would say she does is sell cosmetics. When I asked what she does, she talked about mentoring her consultants, building confidence, and pampering. I’ve known Diane for over 10 years and the only times I’ve seen her talk about product are when someone asks her directly or she’s giving a networking commercial.

Diane says that she got to where she is by “never giving up.” A girl with grit, she moved out young. She also knew that always working for someone else was never going to happen. She also says that she “thinks out of the box.” I hate that term; however, I have to say that Diane’s box of ideas certainly does not conform to anything I’ve seen considered as “normal.” Must be from all the reading and learning she does, “I’m never out of school.”

I have no idea why or how she signed up with Mary Kay.

Diane Covington with her latest Mary Kay Cadillac.

As I said, Diane does not sell cosmetics. She talks to women, provides good service, and mentors her consultants. Mentoring is BIG for Diane. She has over 200 consultants and they are all different. Each one has a different personality and their own set of needs, wants, and support styles.

Honestly, I hadn’t really thought about what mistaken assumptions Diane would run into; and yet, they really make sense. First, Mary Kay products are made in the USA – something that’s currently hard to find. The second one is the idea that Mary Kay “was my mother’s makeup.” That can be a hard one to get around because what woman wants to be their mother? Mary Kay has done it. They are constantly investing in keeping up with current trends – even hiring away key people from other brands.

What does Diane love? Some of the standards: being her own boss and the freedom and flexibility that gives her. The Mary Kay obvious: her pink Cadillac. She earned her first one three years in and has been getting a new one every two years since. An extra bonus is that Mary Kay covers the tax, license, registration, and most of the insurance!

The one that struck me, though, was helping her consultants learn to dream.

And that is why I chose Diane Covington for a 5 Question Interview.


ADENDUM: As I suspected would happen, Diane filled me in when I asked her to fact check my original draft of this. Being young and in college, Diane loved the Mary Kay product line but couldn’t afford it. She signed up for the discount! Well, the discount and to support her sister who was already a Mary Kay Consultant.