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I have a Brilliant Idea, Where Is the Damned Inspiration?

I have a Brilliant Idea, Where Is the Damned Inspiration?

It is so much easier for me to blog for other people than for myself. Clients give me a topic and some points on their opinion of said topic and away I go. I can even help clients come up with topics. After that, it just happens. Would I call myself inspired? Not always. Yet the writing gets done.

For myself, however, the process is more difficult. I have a notebook in Evernote for blog ideas, and there are many, yet rarely do I even look at it. When I write best for myself, I’m inspired, or on a tear (just look at how many of my blogs end up in the Rant category). Having an idea about what would make good and informative blogs for my website does not mean I’m inspired to write them.

And THAT is why other people have me write for them!

Of course, it is easy (or easier) to write about something that has you in a tizzy, or excited, or enraged! Alas, writing informative content to attract and educate your audience is rarely tizzy-inducing. I don’t need to be in a tizzy to write for you. I need to know what to explain. OK, I also need a deadline, but that’s a different topic…

What I’ve Said Before

I could go into all the reasons blogging is important (Why do Businesses Blog?) or what you could blog about (Business Blog Topics), and maybe that would do my website some good. I’ll spare you the agony. And I doubt it will increase your inspiration.

Something I Haven’t Said

So, if you are having a hard time feeling inspired, maybe you need to give your brain a boost. Give it something new to chew on. How often do you find the solution to problem A while working away in situation Q?

Looking for ways to boost my brain, I came across an article called 13 Brain Exercises to Help Keep You Mentally Sharp. I like it because it has some immediate as well as long-term suggestions.

One of my recent jigsaw puzzles – feeling inspired?

Doing more jigsaw puzzles or playing more card games are a good way to take a brain break. And over time, your brain will appreciate the exercise.

Taking a different route to work, or changing how you do basic things, helps with brain wiring too. Breaking ruts can feel awkward, yet it keeps you on your toes.

Picking up new skills or habits, while taking more time than a game of solitaire, definitely gives the brain something new to chew on.

And if you’re feeling really stuck, move! Really, get up, walk around, swing your arms. Movement is as important for your brain as your body.

  • Poor circulation to your brain causes brain fog. Improving your circulation with movement will help clear your head.
  • A variety of movement, and learning new movements, also keep the brain spry.
  • The more parts of your body that you move, the more parts of your brain you activate.
  • Movement produces those happy hormones that are much more inspiring than the drab, bland, or doom of daily life.

When All is Said and Done

Alas, inspiration and good ideas do not always seem to go hand in hand. So here’s what I suggest:

  • Keep those ideas coming.
  • Take advantage of those tizzies.
  • Do some basic things differently.
  • Take a break.
  • MOVE!

– Lorrie Nicoles